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The Klimamarine® room climate systems are a revolutionary development, which creates stimulus climate therapy (e.g. at the Dead Sea or the Baltic Sea coasts) independently of the location at home. Since twenty years the systems have been used successfully in Germany for the therapy and prevention of doctors and private users.

The Kimamarine® room climate systems

help to treat and relieve

  • Respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, COPD, pulmonary emphysema etc.)
  • ENT infections, nasal sinusitis
  • Skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis or neurodermatitis)
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep disturbances or snoring
  • Cleaning the contaminated respiratory tract (smoking, dust-lungs, air pollution)
  • Strengthening the immune system

The essence of Kimamarine® climate therapy is AQUADRIN® inhalation brine, which is enriched with numerous salt molecules and minerals, appear especially in the Dead Sea in corresponding concentrations. The formulation was developed from 1986 to 1989 by an European medical team. Its effects were scientifically confirmed.

The company KLIMAMARINE® acquired the formulation in 1995 and developed sensationally to the room climate system for application at home. The cool-evaporator devices SEABREEZE / AIRBOX and AQUADRIN® inhalation brine are certified in Germany as medical product of Class 1. In 2014 AQUADRIN® PREMIUM brine was introduced to the German market for more effective room desinfection, in order to meet special customers’ increased requirements of the room hygiene. All AQUADRIN® solutions are processed solely from natural ingredients, therefore purely biologically and contain no artificial additives, hormones, drugs or preservatives. This guarantees a completely application without side effect.

Since October 2016 the company GM HealthCare GmbH has been representing and marketing Kimamarine® room climate systems exclusively in China.

Foundation History of KLIMAMARINE®

The birth of Kimamarine was the unbelievable recovery process of Mr. Schmid Sen., the father of the current owner of KLIMAMARINE Werner E. Schmid. Mr. Schmid Sen. (at the age of 64) had a pulmonary emphysema and has been treated without success since the age of 45. With less than 20% lung activity, daily 26 tablets medication consummation, permanent oxygen supply and usage of asthma spray, he was sentenced non-therapy by doctors and only for half-year life expectancy. However, after two years of application of the original AQUADRIN inhalation brine, his medication consumption could be reduced 50%. After three years’ usage of the miracle therapy, Mr. Schmid Sen. was totally medication-free. Because of this incredible therapy success he acquired the formulation and developed one system together with his son Werner E. Schmid for the application the KLIMAMARINE® room climate systems.

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